S’mores Brownies

I adore S’mores! But only when they are done correctly. To me that means a golden brown and gooey marshmallow. Not charred. Roasting a perfect marshmallow takes practice. Fortunately for me I am married to a man who worked as a Camp Counselor for 7 summers and he’s got his marshmallow roasting technique down to a science. Now I do have to knock him a bit because he doesn’t like s’mores at all. Who doesn’t like s’mores? Sinful. So today when I wanted to bake something for him to take to work, I thought of trying my hand at s’mores brownies and this is what I came up with. YUM! Most recipes I looked through said the same thing. They taste great but they are a nightmare to cut and serve. The marshmallows glob up and though they taste good, they make for terrible presentation. Well if you know me at all by now, my food has to look good as well as taste good. After all, how could I photograph it for all of you to drool over otherwise? So here is what I came up with and they tasted delicious and as you can see, look scrumptious too!

S’mores Brownies

1 Box Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix (the only place I can find them is at Costco), batter prepared according to package directions for a 9×13″ pan
1.5 cups coarsely chopped graham crackers
1 package large marshmallows
1 cup milk or semi sweet chocolate chips

Prepare brownie batter and pour into prepared 9×13″ pan. Sprinkle graham crackers evenly over the top of the batter. Bake as directed on package.
Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips over brownies and place the pan on a cooling rack.
Cool completely then cut into squares as desired.
Cut each marshmallow in half, making sure to have enough for each brownie. Place cut marshmallow on each brownie and broil them in the oven until marshmallows reach desired golden brown color. Keep an eye on them because they brown quickly.
Remove from oven and enjoy.

3 comments on “S’mores Brownies

  1. Looks yummy! I think you can get the brownie mix at Cash and Carry too in some large quantity šŸ™‚

  2. LOVE your comment about the eyes because I thought the same thing! I actually have decided next time to slather them in chocolate ganache and maybe flame, with a hand held torch, the marshmallows to toast them. Now I just have an excuse to buy a torch. Creme brulee here I come šŸ™‚

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