Spotlight: Meals for New Parents

I go to a fabulous church. One of the fabulous things they offer is a meals ministry. These wonderful ladies make and bring meals to new parents, grieving people or people who have been sick or have a sick loved one. I have been blessed to give and receive in this ministry. Here is one of my favorite meals I made today to give, along with some tips I’ve learned along the way.

The recipe:

Biscuit Topped Chicken Pot Pie
I took my standard pot pie recipe found here: and substituted rotisserie chicken and topped it with my favorite biscuit recipe found here:

I always double my recipe so I have dinner ready for my family too.

The chicken mixture

Topped with the biscuits and ready to go into the oven

The finished product. Hello gorgeous.

Here are some other things I included to round out the meal. Salad kit and the makings for strawberry shortcake. I always include dessert. Always. Very important to lactating and really all other humans.

Other things to note: always use disposable containers. It really is so much more convenient when you don’t have to keep track of other people’s containers and make a special trip with a newborn to give them back.
Also, try to think outside the box a bit. I mean the frozen box. One week I had four frozen lasagnas. I was grateful for really anything, but people often go the lasagna route.

And that’s it. Try the pot pie even if you eat it all by yourself. You won’t be sorry. Also, if your church offers a meals ministry, get involved. It’s such a rewarding way to serve the Lord and others.

5 comments on “Spotlight: Meals for New Parents

  1. Laura, you’re so right about thinking outside the box. I try to avoid lasagna and enchiladas. Both yummy, but multiple pan fulls in one week is a bit much. I’m debating about sharing my secret dishes to take lest there be repeats! 😉 But since my mac n’ cheese stand by has been outed…I also like doing taco casserole, big hit with kids especially. The one pan thing is really convenient but I’m always worried about picky eaters not being able to pick stuff out so sometimes when I don’t know the people at all it’s nice to put a bunch of pulled pork on one side of the pan and mash potatoes in the other with some green beans down the center.

  2. I can’t wait to try this. When you give it to someone as a meal, do you give it to them frozen? If so, do you pre-bake it, then freeze it? If you bake it, then present it cold, wouldn’t the biscuits get soggy?

    I’m trying to figure out how to give it as a meal gift. Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. Hi Melissa! I have never given it frozen in this form. I do make and freeze regular chicken pot pies all the time. I would probably not recommend freezing it with the biscuits on top…. maybe keep them separately? Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hands down one of the best recipes EVER! If you haven’t tried this one, TRY IT!!! You won’t be dissappointed. We loved it and my husband has requested that I make it at least once per week from now on! I don’t think I will do that, but it’s definitely one to make for a special treat when you really want to please! FYI: I made mine with Fat Free Half and Half, and it turned out wonderfully! Thanks for sharing your recipe, Laura!

  5. Oh, I meant to say that I did the biscuit topped version…The thickness of the biscuits just really added to the wonderful texture and flavor of this meal! YUMMY!

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